Annual 5k Race / Walk


5k Race and 1 Mile Walk

Each year the Butterfly Circle of Friends host a 5k Race and 1 Mile walk for veterans. This is our biggest fundraiser that we host. We depend on participants and sponsorships from businesses to help make this a successful event.   All of the monies raised will help veterans get the assistants that they both need and deserve. We raised over $4000.00 with our September 10, 2017 5k Race and 1 mile walk.

Our focus when choosing a project to donate to are ones that helps soldiers get back on their feet. To help them to become independent self-sustained civilians. Whether it’s the homes we donated to the Save Haven Micro Houses for Veterans or sponsoring programs to help women veterans as we did with Vet Chat and Chew .  The programs we sponsor are ones that soldiers get the tools they need so they can live their best life.

Our other focus with this event is and always will be to keep Michael’s memory alive. To have people realize that there was a boy before the soldier.