in Memory of Spc. Michael L. Gonzalez


Donate to House Veterans

“The statistics are staggering. Twenty-two Veterans take their lives due to PTSD every day.”


We are raising funds to help purchase another micro-home for a homeless veteran and we would love your support!  Butterfly Circle of Friends has partnered with Amazing Grace Ministries with their Operation Safe Haven project.  The statistics are staggering… every day twenty-two veterans take their lives due to PTSD.  We want to change that by giving veterans a safe place they can call home and to get the counseling they need.

The goal is to have these veterans ease back into the civilian world.  They had the courage to stand and defend the freedom of the United States of America and now they face the challenge to find courage to live a normal life.  Our hopes for the veterans are that they find the peace to be able to dream their American dream.

The Safe Haven property in Franklinville, New Jersey is on 277 acres.  It was purchased in January, 2016 and is a campground so it is all nature (i.e. woods, dirt trails and creeks).  The property already has electricity and sewer in place and a large company is helping to clear some of the campsites and restore showers and bathrooms.  The Safe Haven property is hoping to complete all housing by 2018 and it will be the responsibility of the veterans who live there to help maintain the property.

Your tax-deductible contribution will help give veterans shelter, mental health treatment and the life skills they need to be self-sufficient.

Thank you so much!

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Below are some pictures of the property